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Auto Paints - Primers & Fillers

Supplier of Quality Primers & Fillers Since 2005

We stock primers and fillers for use in Automotive, Industrial and Wood surfaces. Only the highest quality and best-priced products are stocked.


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We Stock Quality Primers & Fillers Including:

Primers & Body Filler


Prospray Primers

Prospray Primers

High-build and easy-to sand primers suitable for all applications.

Extra Build-Easy Sand Primer Grey
2K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer - Grey
2K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer -White
2K H.S. Extra Build / Easy Sand Primer Surfacer - Black
Chromate free etch primer
Plastic Bumper Primer Clear (RTS)

DeBeer primer

Debeer Primers

De Beer Primer Plastic

1K 1-60 1Lt.

De Beer Primer Surfacer

Hs 2K Grey 8-145 1Lt.


Xcela Primers

Xcela Primer

Xcéla offers a comprehensive range of primers to choose from depending on your application. The high solids two-component filler primers provide very good filling properties with ease of sanding. The HS Filler Primers provide performance qualities that include fast drying, wet and dry sanding, excellent corrosion protection and optimum adhesion. Suitable for all kinds of primed metal surfaces, fibreglass, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers/primer OEM and refinishing coatings.

Xcéla 1K Polyprop Filler Primer is a one-component high build filler primer primarily designed for polypropylene bumpers, designed to improve the adhesion of refinishing materials to the substrate. This primer comes ready for use and provides very good sealing and filling properties. Xcéla HS 1K Filler Primer is a high solids one component modified nitrocellulose based primer. Primarily designed for the isolation of sanded-through spots this primer provides easy application and sanding, quick-drying and has good filling ability and excellent hiding power.

johns auto paints

John's Primers

John's Primer (White range)

John’s White label MS Primer is a good 4:1 primer filler and can achieve high build film thickness.

It comes in grey, beige and white.

John's Primer (Platinum)

John’s Platinum label MS Primer was specially formulated and manufactured for the Professional. It has a high solid content and the ability to achieve high build film thickness if necessary.

2K polyester spray filler

4CR Filler

2K polyester spray filler.

Excellent adhesion to all surfaces. Fills holes and scratches. Levels uneven surfaces. Dries quickly. Easy sanding. Including hardener.

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