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Auto Paints - Automotive Paint Systems

Supplier of Quality Automotive Paint Systems Since 2005

John's Mega Paints Group provides only leading brands of automotive paints to the auto restore industry.


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We Stock Leading Automotive Paint Systems, Brands Include:

DeBeer primer

Debeer Automotive Paint Systems

DEBEER BeroBase 500

The BeroBase 500 Series is a 1K acrylate high-viscosity solvent-base paint. With 66 mixing colours including pearl, metallic, xirallic and
wizard, you can be sure you will achieve the perfect colour every time. Economically the 500 Series is mixed 1:1 with Uni Thinner (1 litre of paint provides 2 litres of ready-for-use material).

DEBEER BeroBase 500 Specifications

DEBEER BeroMix 2000

BeroMix 2000 Series is a two-component medium solid topcoat finishing system that meets all the requirements demanded by the end-user:

  • Easy to process.
  • Highest quality in protection and durability and a high gloss.
  • The drying process is pre-set in such a way that all objects can be sprayed optimally and that the overspray mist is absorbed well.

Xcela Automotive Paint Systems

XB Series Basecoat

The range of compact medium solid basecoats is formulated using the highest quality of lightfast pigments and guarantee both ease of use and excellent value. They are all backed up by a full set of 71 toners with the capability of matching up to 155 000 international colour formulas.

There is also a range of 10 000 colour swatches that are actual spray-outs for colour accuracy and fast colour identification. The user-friendly basecoat range comes at a competitive price and offers outstanding colour accuracy and operational efficiency.

Mix 2:1 with Basecoat Reducer.


Prospray Automotive Paint Systems

Basecoat and 2K

Prospray can be mixed as a basecoat using a high-solid, normal-solid or low-solid level. The level is adjusted in Pro-FIT.

The basecoat system offers excellent coverage and superior blending and uses a 1:1 mixing ratio with thinners or as an option, active with activators.

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