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Auto Paints - Clear Coat & Hardeners

Quality Clear coat & Hardeners

Provider of Clear Coat & Hardeners Since 2005

We only stock the highest quality and best priced Clear Coat and Hardeners to the Automotive Industry.


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We Stock Quality Clear Coats & Hardeners Including:

Clear Coats


Prospray Clear Coat

Prospray Clear Coat

A full range of effective, easy-to-use clear coats great performance and durability.

Fast Cure Clear Coat
H.S Multi Clear Coat
Universal Clear Coat


Debeer Coats

Debeer Coats

Medium Solid and High Solid

All DeBeer Refinish Clear Coats are based on the most modern hydroxy acrylate resins. This gives a high-quality varnish in terms of durability, chemical resistance and UV protection.

This product line consists of both VOC-compliant and non-VOC-compliant clear coats. The application of the clear coat, depending on object size and temperature, can be tuned by mixing the clear coat with the right DeBeer Refinish hardener.


Xcela Clear Coat

Xcela Clear Coat

Xcéla has a range of two-component clear coats depending on your application requirements. The Xcéla HS 2:1 Radiant Finish Clear Coat is a two-component high solid clear coat. This product offers good scratch resistance with excellent flow providing a wet look mirror finish. With high mechanical durability, this product is suitable for overcoating both solventborne and waterborne basecoats. With built-in UV stabilisers and absorbers, this clear coat has good non-yellowing weathering resistance. This is backed up by a lifetime warranty from Xcéla to deliver peace of mind to both customers and their clients.

Xcéla 2K Express Clear Coat is a high gloss two-component system. Formulated for ultra fast repair work in vehicle refinishing this high solid clear delivers super quick air drying times. It has very low levels of overspray and delivers high gloss and a great finish over both waterborne and solvent borne basecoats. It has built in UV resistance and delivers great scratch resistance as well as long term durability.

johns auto paints

John's Clear Coat

John's White Label

John’s White label Clear Coat was specially formulated and manufactured by a local reputable paint manufacturer for the DIY market.

Available in 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.

John’s Platinum

John’s Platinum label Clear Coat was specially formulated and manufactured for the Professional, providing a high-quality gloss and excellent UV resistance. It is ideal for re-spray and touch-ups.



Xcela Hardener

Xcela Hardeners

The Xcéla range of hardeners has been specifically designed to provide the user with optimum performance across different temperatures.

The range features the following gardeners:

  • The Universal 2K Radiant Finish Hardener range for use with Xcéla XK Series twinpack top coats, 2K clear Coats and HS 4:1 Primers.
  • The 2K Express Clear Hardener for use with Xcéla 2K Express Clear Coat
  • The HS 5:1 Primer Hardener for use with Xcéla HS 5:1 Primers
johns auto paints

John's Hardener

John's MS 2k Hardeners

Johns MS 2k Medium and Fast Hardeners are polyisocyanate hardeners and can be used with most 2K paints, MS clear coats, fillers and sealers.


Debeer Hardener

De Beer MS Hardeners

From Washprimer Hardener to Clear Coat Hardener, in all kind of qualities such as slow, standard, fast, extra fast and air-dry hardeners there is a DeBeer Refinish Hardener to suit your job.

These hardeners are specially developed to give the product high-quality performance and support the end-user with the various alternatives required.

47-35 MS Fast, 47-55 MS Standard and 8-130 HS Very Fast

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